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The Pikes Peak region has premier quality motorized trails. Trails range from easy site seeing to hard core four-wheel drive where special equipment is required and everything in between. Many trailheads are an easy hour or two drive from Colorado Springs with spectacular views along the way. Most full-size trails are open to all motorized and non-motorized vehicle use. Other trails 50″ wide or less are open to motorized and non-motorized vehicle use of any type 50″ wide or narrower vehicles. As a rule for mountain driving the vehicle coming uphill has the right of way.

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This old rail bed leads from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek. The rail grade makes it a fairly gradual climb through the mountains and some beautiful terrain. You'll go through multiple tunnels so bring a light if you're afraid of the dark. After you've had enough riding, turn around for the quick descent back to the parking lot. About the first 10 miles of the road is closed to vehicular traffic (except dirt bikes, ATVs, etc.) but the rest shares the road with cars. If you're a wuss you can shuttle vehicles to make this an all downhill ride. Several trails diverge from this road as well.


Near Penrose     |     .28 Miles     |     Very Hard     |     5,861 Feet Part of one of the toughest rock crawling trail systems in the state. It’s short, but breaking and body damage is likely. The trail runs through a skinny canyon filled with lots of rocks and boulders. The obstacle this trail is known for is […]

Rainbow Falls Road, Sedalia, CO

Near Woodland Park     |     20 Miles     |     Easy     |     7,600- 9,000 Feet This part of the Pike National Forest offers about 20 miles of smooth and fast motorized trails. Most of the trail system consists of hardpacked terrain but there are some challenging sections with rugged climbs. Most of the trails can be explored in […]
The Rampart Range Recreation Area provides a unique setting for off-highway vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts to enjoy a variety of riding experiences. From intermediate to expert riders, ATV or motorcycle, the Rampart has something for everyone. Please make sure you are prepared and ride within your abilities. Changing conditions, natural hazards, as well as oncoming traffic […]

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