The resource for licenses needed to enjoy outdoor recreation in Colorado, such as hunting and fishing , is the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).

The agency has numerous authorized licensing agents in the Pikes Peak region. For ease of use on this website, we have noted the businesses authorized to issue Colorado licenses with a “CPW Licenses” tag under the applicable business listing in the Prep & Equip section. For additional licensing agents, please see the complete list on the CPW website HERE.

Many licenses can also be obtained online through the CPW’s website:

Here are some fast facts that might be helpful:

  • You will need to provide your Social Security Number when applying to purchase a fishing or hunting license.
  • Youths under the age of 16 do not need a fishing license.
  • At age 11, youths can buy or apply for a big game hunting license if they turn 12 before the end of season on the license. Youths cannot hunt with a big game license until they turn 12. Other hunting opportunities consisting of small game, waterfowl or turkey have no age restrictions as long as the youth has completed and passed hunter education.
  • Colorado fishing licenses are valid through March 31st of the year of issue, regardless of the issue date. They are not
  • When buying your first fishing or hunting license for the year, included in the cost is a $10 Habitat Stamp. (See below to learn more about the Habitat Stamp.)
  • Your license fee includes a 25 cent fee for search and rescue. To learn more about the Colorado Search and Rescue Fund, see FAQs HERE.

For additional questions, please see CPW’s FAQs and select topic “Applications & Licensing” HERE.

Protecting Habitat and Providing Access

Habitat loss is one of the leading issues impacting the survival of fish and wildlife for future generations. Purchases of the Habitat Stamp provide the core funds for the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Program (CWHP). The program provides a means for Colorado Parks and Wildlife to work with private landowners, local governments, and conservation organizations to protect important fish and wildlife habitat and provide places for people to enjoy our wildlife heritage. The agency has leveraged a variety of other funds around this core – including Great Outdoors Colorado and federal State Wildlife Grants – to extend the program’s reach. These combined funds have been focused on protecting fish and wildlife habitat and opportunities for hunting and fishing.

State Wildlife Areas

“State Wildlife Areas (SWAs) are state- or privately-owned lands that offer wildlife-related recreation to the public. While most activities focus on hunting and fishing, each SWA has different allowed activities, based on location and available resources. These parcels of SWA land are paid for by sportspeople and managed under state law by Colorado Parks and Wildlife employees for the benefit of wildlife. Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages about 350 SWA lands around the state. For more information, please see the Colorado State Recreation Lands brochure. A valid hunting or fishing license is required for everyone 18 or older accessing any State Wildlife Area or CPW-leased State Trust Land, effective July 1, 2020. For more information, read the frequently asked questions.” -Colorado Parks and Wildlife.