Rampart Range Road

Woodland Park     |     60 Miles     |     Easy     |     9,436 Feet     |     Rampart Range    

Built in the 1930’s, this well known and fairly well-maintained trail runs through Pike National Forest. Rampart Range isn’t just a road name, it’s actually the name of the Front Range south of US 85 and this road runs almost the whole length of it. It crosses a number of counties from its north end near Sedalia all the way down through to Colorado Springs. You can start in the Springs right from the Garden of the Gods or a small turnoff near Sedalia on 67. The southern end has the most to see in terms of viewing and is the smoother portion of the drive. There’s many turnoffs, both large parking areas, and small pull-offs, where you can stop to take pictures on the southern end. The views of Pike’s Peak and the range from this end of the trail are amazing.