Garden of the Gods: Ute Trail

Near Colorado Springs     |     5 Miles     |     Easy     |     6,226 Feet     |     Network     |     Garden of the Gods

General Description

Garden of the Gods is a free public park famous for its unique red rock formations. There are many interconnected trails in the park that can be accessed from one of the several parking lots available. The park is also popular with mountain bikers. Since this is a major Colorado Springs attraction it can often be crowded. Trails: Central Garden Loop: Paved, wheelchair accessible trail that loops around some of the main rock formations in the park. Starts at the parking lot. Siamese Twins Trail: Siamese Twins trail is an easy loop trail named after a unique rock formation that serves as a favorite spot for photography. Trailhead is located at the parking lot off the Garden Drive. Cabin Canyon Trail: Cabin Canyon Trail is a short simple loop that shares trailhead with Siamese Twins trail. Great views of Pikes Peak to the west. Palmer Trail: Palmer trail is approximately 1.6 miles long trail that connects main parking lot by Gateway Rocks with Siamese Twins rock formation in the south part of the park.

Biking Description

This is a pretty easy ride and a great one for a leisurely ride in Colorado. Little elevation change, a great ride to get acclimated to the elevation in the Springs. Hard pack with some tight, twisty sections. Great for beginners.

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