Colorado Midland Ute Pass

Near Colorado Springs     |     2 Miles     |     Moderate     |     6,614 Feet     |     Out and Back

From the start, you go through a tight single track until you reach the steeper Hike-a-Bike sections. After hiking up to the retaining wall visible in the distance. The trail levels out. Move to the west, immediately entering one of the 6 130 year old Railroad tunnels. I recommend a flash light for Tunnel 1 & 2 for they are long enough for black out conditions. For the most part, you will encounter flat conditions with slight turns and obstructions. The trail obviously ends . You can either turn around and come back the way you came, or make your way down the steep slope and onto Hwy. 24 itself and return to Manitou. Once you pass the Hike-a-bike section to your right (west) is Tunnel 2. Tunnel 1 to your left (south) is long and curved. The other side comes out in some man’s property. So if you choose to ride through Tunnel 1 and into the neighborhood, be cautious of tresspassing.

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