Near Colorado Springs     |     3 Miles     |     Moderate     |     7,193 Feet     |     Blodgett Open Space    

General Description

Blodgett Peak Open Space is located in the northwest part of Colorado Springs. The area is named after Blodgett Peak which towers above, although the mountain itself is located within Peak National Forest. A network of various trails of easy to medium difficulty, nice views and the proximity to town makes this a great place for a quick visit anytime. The 167 acres of Blodgett Peak Open Space is vegetated mostly by Douglas fir, Ponderosa pine and scrub oak. The area gradually slopes up from east to west, towards the hills. The south side of the Open Space has been damaged during the Waldo Fire in 2012 and has undergone restoration efforts. A wide, 0.9 mile long gravel road from the trailhead parking to a water tank up the hill is located at the center of the open space.

Biking Description

Trail starts as a fireroad and climbs. You can do an up and back to a water tower which is about 2 miles total. Not technical but good little quick climb. Another option is to take a left at double-track about 1/4 mile before the water tower. Take this up and stay to the right, you will be above the water tower. Keep going and you get to a point where you pickup your bike and carry it for about 10-20 minutes. You will eventually T a trail which run’s parallel to the mountain (you can see it from where you parked). Go right and it is an awesome singletrack downhill with a lot of big rocks to pay attention to and some tight turns and fairly steep drops. You will eventually cross into Air Force Academy. At first major trail intersection (double track) go right. You go downhill and then up. Open and close first gate. Keep heading south and you will hit second gate (I usually bunnyhop through the left side) and then into a subdivision. At road head left and then you will hit Woodmen, head right and you will hit your ride in about 3 minutes.

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