South Platte – Deckers

The South Platte River at Deckers was devestated by debris in 2002 from the Hayman Fire, Colorado’s largest fire in it’s recorded history, followed by two huge floods. Since then Deckers has recovered well. Caddis hatches that rival the famed Arkansas River’s mother’s day hatch can happen in Deckers and when the fish aren’t coming up to caddis, a tandem nymph rig with typical fare can still be deadly. The summer months can be a lot of fun for anglers that are into throwing streamers and big dry flies. Deckers is also a great winter fishing destination because it is a tailwater. A tailwater fishery is where a river comes out below a dam, consequently during the winter months that means the water temps are just slightly warm enough to stay relatively free of ice all year. Sections where the sun hits the water is where you can find feeding fish. This time of year can be the most productive for solitude-seeking anglers who aren’t afraid of using light tippets and very small flies.