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In the last few years, one of the fastest growing sports in the world is that of stand up paddle borarding. Stand Up Paddle Boarding, usually recognized as S.U.P., is a sport that is more commonly identified with ocean or flat water recreation. The popularity of S.U.P. has also been increasing here in Colorado. Lakes such as Quail, Prospect, and Monument and Rampart are experiencing a steady growth of S.U.P. paddlers. The surrounding lakes lead to some amazing scenery and vistas to be enjoyed by many, while the Colorado altitude also adds to an enjoyable workout for the adventerous. Its simplicity of requirements of board, paddle and steady hydration and sunscreen makes this a sport that is achieveable by all ages.

Before You Get Started

Pikes Peak Region varies on approved areas for paddling as well as fees. Colorado Springs does require a permit at local lakes. Daily permits of $5 can be purchased at Prospect Lake and Quail lake @ permit boxes, both located by the boat ramps at either lake.

Season permits can also be purchased at the Sertich Ice Center. It is suggested you contact them directly for prices, at (719) 385-5983. Other locations around the Colorado area may vary in their requirements and fees. Click Here for a listing of Colorado lakes. It is recommended to call ahead for further information regarding recreation at specific lakes .


Get Started

A Paddle board is number one, of course, with Paddle and lifevest. Recommended additional equipment would be a leash, always overlooked but worth having- especially if you are prone to falling off board, or if you are taking your vest off. Due to our altitude and sun we always tell everyone to bring a water bottle and sunscreen.

Where to Go

Featured Places

Manitou Lake is a 5-acre reservoir where the entire family can enjoy fishing and hiking with a trail that runs around the lake. This small reservoir is fed by Trout Creek and has several beaver ponds above the lake. Picnic sites have tables, fire grates, and trash collection. The lake is stocked regularly by the […]
Quail Lake is a 22-acre lake on the southwest side of Colorado Springs, off of Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard. The lake is stocked regularly by the Division of Wildlife and Rainbow Trout are plentiful in the spring and early summer with cooler water temperatures. Other species that populate this lake include warm water fish ranging from […]

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