Colorado’s Pikes Peak region has some of the most iconic mountain summits. The close proximity to the Rocky Mountains makes it an ideal location to attain high viewpoints. Barr Trail and the Crags offer you the chance to check off Pikes Peak from your list of Colorado’s 14ers. Summiting around fall displays vibrant yellow, orange, and red colors among the deciduous trees. Summer times are best for warmer conditions at higher altitudes; however, make sure to keep an eye out for common afternoon showers. Mountaineering in this region is never rarely limited by seasonality, and, even better, the opportunity for full-moon night hikes brings out a different filter to view colorful Colorado.

Mount Herman, smaller peak near Monument, can be approached from several different routes all with varying difficulty – you may be able to catch paragliders launching off from its peak. Climbing up Pikes Peak you are likely to yelled at by yellow-bellied marmots or “whistle pigs.” These curious critters like to hangout just above tree line in the rocks. Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep are also in the area, so keep a pair of binoculars on hand.

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