Looking for fun and exciting outdoor activities to do in Colorado Springs? Outdoor adventure activities in the Pikes Peak Region are endless! Our local outfitters are some of the best in the world with lifetime experience to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable activity. All activities take place in the great outdoors and are subject to the whims of Mother Nature. Be prepared for your adventure by dressing appropriately, researching any health concerns you may have, and be ready to be flexible with your plans. Routes can be modified to take advantage of changing natural conditions. Your adventure on Pikes Peak will be one to remember and even better if you are properly prepared.

Zipline Tours
The Pikes Peak Region is ideally suited for world-class zipline adventures. Wide valleys and tall mountains create the perfect environment for a range of zipline offerings. From the Royal Gorge to Manitou Springs, Colorado, you have several choices for your zipline rush. This lets you soar from a natural launch point. Flying through Douglas-fir or aspen trees, over granite rock cliffs or boulders, and above crashing rivers and lakes are all potential scenes for this recreational activity. Secured tight to a harness, you move over the Colorado Springs landscape with a bird’s-eye view. Natural beauty and the adrenaline rush is the recipe for an unforgettable experience. The Pikes Peak region, with tall mountains, expansive trees, massive boulders, and deep canyons, is the perfect location to explore ziplining with family and friends.

Hot Air Balloon Tours
Balloon tours in Colorado Springs are second to none. Different perspectives along our front range of the Rockies, extending 100 miles in all directions, are part of this unique outdoor adventure. From the highest heights to the gentle plains, ballooning is a once in a lifetime adventure. Many native Coloradans attend the Labor Day Liftoff balloon festival at Memorial Park. It is a great thrill to watch hundreds of silly characters (have you ever seen Marvin the Martian or a balloon in the shape of a crab?) and colorful balloons lift off the ground and pass over Prospect Lake. The flash of fire as the pilot heats the balloon only adds to the excitement. However, actually getting to ride in the balloons is a whole different thrill. The Pikes Peak region offers several hot air balloon tours. A professional guide will take you high up to see amazing views of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain range. No reason to call “window seat” like you would on the airplane to get an awe-inspiring view looking down on earth. At the peak, you will be able to see a full 360 degrees for up to 100 miles. At lower elevations, you’ll be able to see rare wildlife, usually too skittish to come across when you are hiking in the area. You’ll definitely want to bring a camera on this trip. Might be an ideal place to propose to your significant other – just don’t drop the ring!

Jeep Tours
There is no shortage of options when it comes to touring the Pikes Peak Region by Jeep. From 14,115 feet at the summit of Pikes Peak to the Garden of the Gods and Royal Gorge on its flanks, Pikes Peak is home to some great site seeing. Guided Jeep tours offer an exhilarating wind-in-your-hair adventure and leave the driving to a professional! Why take your own vehicle out for a 4×4 excursion and lose paint when you can have a professional tour guide take you out in their own custom 4×4 vehicle? Hold on to the edge of your seat as professional tour guides take you through technical maneuvers. Jeep tours in the Rocky Mountains are unlike any other 4×4 excursion in the nation. The region has a vast network of jeep touring roads from bottomed-out suspension sections to light cruising sections. Perhaps you’ll pass the Broadmoor, drive up North Cheyenne Canyon to Helen Hunt Falls, continue onto Gold Camp road, and finish through Bear Creek Regional Park. More rugged and remote trails are available in the foothills of the Rockies. Difficult terrain might be more challenging to maneuver, but the rewards can be greater. Remote sections give you upfront access to some of Colorado Springs’ own high-mountain wildflowers, hidden creeks and ponds, rock formations, and wildlife. Click here for off-roading guides

Segway Tours
See the local sites and test your skills using these space-age machines. A guided adventure that includes training will ensure that you have a unique adventure in Colorado Springs. Tour the sites that inspired the song America the Beautiful. Segway tours are a fun way to get outside and look awesome at the same time. These futuristic machines allow you to journey on sidewalks and roads with ease. Picture yourself exploring our iconic neighborhoods like the Old North End or the Broadmoor, or imagine traveling along Garden of the Gods and staring up at those great red rock walls with a few friends or family members. You can cover a long distance and see more, making the Segway a perfect option when considering a fun and easy-going activity for a beautiful summer day.

Mountain Biking Tours
Cruise the Peak or challenge a trail on one of Pikes Peak numerous trail options. Tours from the summit of Pikes Peak include 19 miles of downhill fun with sights galore. Single-track options provide more of a challenge especially if you choose the self-guided tour options. Click here For Mountain Biking Guides

White Water Rafting Tours
White Water rafting is one of the most intense outdoor activities you can do. Lucky for you some of the best white water rafting in the world flows not far from the base of Pikes Peak located in Colorado Springs. It takes a mountain this tall to make a canyon this deep to create an adventure to remember. Get wet on the Arkansas River on mild Class 2 rapids all the way up to wild Class 5 rapids. Click here for whitewater rafting guides

Rock Climbing Tours
Red sand stone and majestic granite are located all over the Pikes Peak Region. Easy routes and challenging routes are located an arm’s length away from each other. Climb in the Pikes Peak region and you will be hooked for life. Click here for rock climbing guides

ATV Tours
There are plenty of Guided tours and self-guided tours in Colorado Springs. Imagine zooming through pine forests on our amazing trails. The Pikes Peak community is home to some world-class ATVing. Click here for ATV guides

Survival Skills Training
If you want to feel comfortable in the great outdoors, stay safe, and enjoy your wilderness experience, some basic survival training may be just want you’re looking for! For tips on layering clothing for Colorado Springs’ weather and temperature shifts, see theses TIPS. To learn more about survival skills or to take an individual, group, or family class, check out The Survival University.

Before You Get Started

Clothing: Always dress in layers. Temperatures can change rapidly depending on location and elevation. Closed toe shoes are required on most activities. NO FLIP FLOPS. A hat and sunscreen are recommended.

Weather: The weather changes in a hurry. Cool sunny mornings turn hot by noon and into localized strong storms by afternoon. Sunscreen is a must at this altitude in our thin air. Be prepared, flexible and enjoy the Colorado Weather.

Where to Go

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