• Photo Credit: Benjamin Manley

Places for the Family to Explore

We are so excited that you have landed here on the PikesPeakOutdoors website and are looking for great places to enjoy together as a family! There are countless places to enjoy – from lakes and reservoirs, parks and  open space, to trails and nature centers. We have gathered together 30 spots we think you will enjoy in the Pikes Peak region, but realize there are countless others! Some of these are included due to their focus on families and kids of all ages and others are included as hidden gems that may not be well-known but have some characteristics and amenities families will appreciate.

A map is included to help you locate each one, as well as a link to the web page describing the place. So make sure you check out all the pages in this section of the Family Adventure Guide!

Get out and have some fun!

Click on the images below to see list of Amenities and Activities for each location.

Check out the LIVE Google Map below for our Family-friendly Gems of the Pikes Peak Region.

Also, navigate to our PLACES and TRAILS web pages. Next select the category you want, such as Public Parks, then use the Family-Friendly filter to see the places we’ve curated for that category as great for families in the Pikes Peak region!