• Photo Credit: Annie Spratt

Club Overview

Adventure Club Membership

The Pikes Peak Outdoors Adventure Club is a club for kids of all ages who want to explore the great outdoors in the Pikes Peak region! Your adventures can be big or small, many or few. It’s free, it’s fun, and it gets you outside where fun and discovery await you!

To participate in the Club:

  1. Take the Pikes Peak Outdoors Adventure Club Pledge
  2. Complete and submit the Club Membership Application
  3. Receive your Certificate and Proof of Club Membership in the mail
  4. Plan your adventure! Determine where you will explore using our listing of Places to Explore
  5. Go exploring!

As a Bonus, enter the Pikes Peak Outdoors Adventure Club Social Media Contest:

  1. Take pictures of you (selfies) and your proof of membership – sticker, button, string bag, or Tava the Pika – on your adventure
  2. Submit your photo(s) on PikesPeakOutdoors social media – Instagram or Facebook  to enter our Pikes Peak Adventure Club contest!
  3. You’ll be entered in a drawing to win fun outdoor prizes from our local Partners!
  4. Your picture may be displayed at one or more Visitor Centers in the Pikes Peak region!
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