• Photo Credit: Glenn Carstens Peters


Checklists for Exploring the Pikes Peak Region

Remember, the first of the Leave No Trace principles is to Be Prepared. These checklists provide general guidelines to help you and your kids be prepared when exploring the outdoors in the Pikes Peak region.

Our first checklist is for parents and some of these items can be given to older kids as well. This is not a comprehensive list and you may need additional items for certain adventures, so please consider where you are going, the time of year, and the particular needs of your family. We also have additional tips for mom and dad for your adventure including acclimation to high elevation, preparing the kids, and more so please check out the Parent Checklist page HERE.

The second and third checklists are for the kids. As they begin to explore outdoors, they can begin to take on more responsibility for their own packing and preparation.

The last checklist is for taking the family’s dog along, because many of like to bring our four-legged friends!

Enjoy the adventure!

Parent Checklist

Checklist for Kids

Extras for Kids

Checklist for Dogs