Motorized Trails


Near Woodland Park     |     4.5 Miles     |     Easy     |     9,242 Feet FS Road 346, Hotel Gulch, is located within the Pike National Forest approximately 25 miles northwest of Colorado Springs and nine miles north of Woodland Park. The Pike National Forest contains hundreds of trails which provide a broad spectrum of outdoor recreational opportunities. This […]


Near Canyon City     |     25 Miles     |     Easy     |     9,743 Feet Phantom Canyon Road is an old railroad grade dating back to 1894. It once connected the gold-mining towns of Cripple Creek and Victor (Teller County) to Florence (Fremont County). It is arguably the most scenic part of the Gold Belt Scenic Byway. Ghosts from […]

Rampart Range Road, Woodland Park, CO 80863

Woodland Park     |     60 Miles     |     Easy     |     9,436 Feet     |     Rampart Range     Built in the 1930’s, this well known and fairly well-maintained trail runs through Pike National Forest. Rampart Range isn’t just a road name, it’s actually the name of the Front Range south of US 85 and this […]


Near Cripple Creek     |     10 Miles     |     Easy     |     9,333 Feet Shelf Road dates back to 1892, a time when a route was needed from the Arkansas Valley to the Cripple Creek Mining District. It was cut into the side of a sheer canyon wall on the Southern end, which is the reason for its […]

Texas Creek, CO 81223

Near Canyon City     |     45 Miles     |     Moderate     |     6,200-9,000 Ft     |     Trail System This remote area has around 45 miles of marked trails that range from easy 4×4 roads to narrow and rocky ATV trails with sharp switchbacks. At lower elevations the trails wind through a mix of various scrub brush, juniper and […]

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