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Nice gentle four-mile loop through the trees, good shade and incredible scenery. No huge climbs or descents, but rolls nicely: clockwise is more gradual climb to top elevation. Trail is roomy, but does narrow in spots. Plenty of horses & runners & dogs, so be prepared to yield.


Trail starts as a fireroad and climbs. You can do an up and back to a water tower which is about 2 miles total. Not technical but good little quick climb. Another option is to take a left at double-track about 1/4 mile before the water tower. Take this up and stay to the right, you will be above the water tower. Keep going and you get to a point where you pickup your bike and carry it for about 10-20 minutes. You will eventually T a trail which run's parallel to the mountain (you can see it from where you parked). Go right and it is an awesome singletrack downhill with a lot of big rocks to pay attention to and some tight turns and fairly steep drops. You will eventually cross into Air Force Academy. At first major trail intersection (double track) go right. You go downhill and then up. Open and close first gate. Keep heading south and you will hit second gate (I usually bunnyhop through the left side) and then into a subdivision. At road head left and then you will hit Woodmen, head right and you will hit your ride in about 3 minutes.


0.1 Miles Look back through time on this short but fascinating interpretive trail connecting Greenhorn Trail and Graneros Trail. Open to hiking and mountain biking. (No Motorized Vehicles.)
  • Under 5 miles


From the gate, pedal up the dirt road for about .6 miles where you will see a distinct dirt path headed up the mountain on your right. If you make it to the hard left hand turn on the dirt road you have gone too far. As you head up the trail take the first possible hard right. You will follow this trail up through pine trees on some great single track that includes some great views, a series of switchbacks, and minor rock and root obstacles to go around or over (it really isn\'t too technical going up - although it is fairly narrow). Eventually, (after about 1.4 miles of nearly all up) you will come to a T intersection. Take a right for this description (if you go left you can link into Trail 666 - see Bear Creek Loop description). Once you take the right your climb is almost over. Continue on this trail to the top of the mountain for some really nice views. Once the trail starts to drop, it goes fairly fast. Watch out for loose gravel due to the moto bikes that are allowed on this part of the trail (unlike the previous section). Once you hit the dirt road (High Drive) you take a right and ride the mountain road for about a mile back to the parking lot. Before you hit the parking lot make sure you look off to your slight left and catch a glimpse of the top of Silver Cascade Falls. That describes the loop, which is best if you\'re alone or short on time. I recommend linking this trail into one of the other nearby trails to make a longer ride. Also, if you decide to ride the trail in the opposite direction, be prepared to yield to the uphill riders (who may flip you the bird for going the \"wrong\" way). This trail makes for some really fun down hill if done in the opposite direction, but be sure to only do this during low traffic times (early morning during the middle of the week, and definitely not on a holiday) to avoid angry up hill climbers and hikers.

Captain Jacks Trail Head (Trail 665)

Near Colorado Springs     |     3.4 Miles     |     Moderate     |     North Cheyenne Canyon     This is a true multi-use trail (hiking, mtb, horses, and moto’s). Moto’s have recently been let back on this classic trail so be on the lookout and keep your ears open for them. The trail is wide singletrack, […]


From the start, you go through a tight single track until you reach the steeper Hike-a-Bike sections. After hiking up to the retaining wall visible in the distance. The trail levels out. Move to the west, immediately entering one of the 6 130 year old Railroad tunnels. I recommend a flash light for Tunnel 1 & 2 for they are long enough for black out conditions. For the most part, you will encounter flat conditions with slight turns and obstructions. The trail obviously ends . You can either turn around and come back the way you came, or make your way down the steep slope and onto Hwy. 24 itself and return to Manitou. Once you pass the Hike-a-bike section to your right (west) is Tunnel 2. Tunnel 1 to your left (south) is long and curved. The other side comes out in some man's property. So if you choose to ride through Tunnel 1 and into the neighborhood, be cautious of tresspassing.

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