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This trail climbs 7500 vertical feel in just under 13 miles to the top of Pikes Peak (6,600 to 14,100 ft). Since bikes are not allowed on the toll road, this is the only way to ride your bike to the top of Pikes Peak. Be prepared for fast changing weather and much colder conditions on top. The trail starts out with a few stairs and then enters a section of switchbacks called the incline. The incline climbs at an average grade of 11% for a couple of miles with it almost all being rideable.


From the TH, climb past the gate to the T-intersection. The Ring the Peak (that's Pikes Peak) markers will be directly in front of you. Brown for CW; Green for CCW. This trail is for an out-and-back going CCW past the Raspberry Portal, and turning around about half way to the Horsethief Portal. (~9 miles out, and 9 back. Total distance for the entire ring is 63 miles.) Mostly singletrack, with some dirt road near the beginning and in the middle. More climbing going out, which makes getting back easier. Some technical sections, some loose and sandy areas, a few switchbacks, a couple of small stream crossings, fantastic scenery.


Near Woodland Park     |     15 Miles     |     Moderate     | 756 Ft. Gain General Description Centennial Trail is a paved biking trail that runs along Highway 67 north of Woodland Park. At first the trails goes downhill through the town of Woodland Park for about 1.5 miles but soon you will be out in open country […]


Most of these trails were not designed with the mountain biker in mind, but a few of them make for a pretty good ride. There are great training climbs (Talon, Blackmer, Cougar's Shadow). Around the bottom, the trails are wide and well manicured so that families with strollers can negotiatie them, but the higher you go, the narrower and more technical they get. The one exception is the Medicine Wheel Trail, which is near the bottom, is a half mile technical rock fest. For a good overall ride, hit the Talon/South Talon/North Talon trails and come back down. then head up Medicine Wheel to Blackmer to Cougar's Shadow, back on to Blackmer and Medicine Wheel, Boulder Run also has a few technical challenges. Although not the best ride in the area, this is a welcome addition to C-Springs' already impressive MTB resume. there is a $6 fee/vehicle to enter the park.


Near Colorado Springs     |     11 Miles     |     Challenging     |     14,088 Feet     |     North Cheyenne Canyon General Description Columbine trail winds through the Cheyenne Canyon starting at the east end of the canyon and ending by Helen Hunt Falls. There are three trailheads (Lower, Mid and Upper), all accessible from the main […]


A Great Trail!! Great downhill all the way with just a few spots you have to walk the bike. Go all the way down the trail and bust a left at Barr Trail. "very well marked." after that you can take Barr all the way down or cut left at Bob's road to head down Ute pipeline trail.

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