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CQP4+8V Cañon City, Colorado

Near Royal Gorge     |     7.5 Miles    |     Easy     |     Loop Trail    The Riverwalk Trail, a mild 7.5-mile pathway, follows the river through the historic and most scenic parts of Cañon City. The trail is mostly flat, and if you’re out with your family for a casual jog, bike […]


This is a wide, gravel, beginner's level trail I ride with my daughters quite often. There are several different loops you can do and even a few short sections of singletrack hidden here and there.


This place has some good hills and wide trails. Alot of hikers and joggers use these trails, not to mention the people with the dogs. There is some singletrack here that is closed to bikes but is well worth the ride if you are feeling gnarley. Use these trails to connect with Gold Camp Rd. and Captain Jack's for a nice long ride.


Nice gentle four-mile loop through the trees, good shade and incredible scenery. No huge climbs or descents, but rolls nicely: clockwise is more gradual climb to top elevation. Trail is roomy, but does narrow in spots. Plenty of horses & runners & dogs, so be prepared to yield.


Cathedral Pines is the most interesting and challenging of the trails in Black Forest. It's a series of rectangular trails that also connects to the Black Forest Regional Park on the south boundary. The parking area is near the NE corner and is near the high point for the trails, so it's mostly downhill at first with going uphill to get back. The outer "square" loop, Pikes Peak Trail, runs along the perimeter and is a 4.6 mile loop. There are also east-west trails that split the Pike "square" in half, and others that connect this to the northernmost leg of Pikes Peak trail. Excellent views of Pikes Peak. 90% is in trees. Some meadows and next to ponds. Some trails also come within about 20 yards or so of the homes. Elk and mule deer can be seen on occasion. Western bluebirds, magpie, nuthatches, and flickers are common. Lots of rollercoaster hills, with the northernmost leg of Pike heading east being the hardest. IMO CCW is easier (steeper descent; more gradual incline) and more fun, than CW. Sandy and loose in many sections. The trails are rarely less than about 3' wide, and many times are wider. Most sections are off limits to horses. All are off limits to motorized vehicles. I can ride for an hour and not come across another biker or a hiker. Intersections are usually marked with the trail names, but there's no map for reference and some portions seem to dead end at road intersections. But these trails actually pick up tens of yards across and down the road with no signs to point you in the right direction. The connection on the southernmost leg of Pike Peak trail connects with the Black Forest Regional Park trails, but the intersections aren't marked.


There are actually three loops you can ride here. The North loop, South loop and riding the trail along the perimeter of the park you can do the outer loop which is a combination of the previous loops. The main trails are wide and have no technical merit to them at all. There are some unmarked singletrack trails off to the side, but they don't appear to be "official" trails so I'm not sure if its legal to ride them. Some small hills on the Southern loop with a couple very nice views of Pike's Peak still make this a fun ride. Nice place for a family ride. Do watch out for horses and hikers. Great place in the Winter for cross country skiing.

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