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Badger Creek flows year-round through a mountain valley. It is wide, deep, and the area is substantially forested. It is also one of the few primarily spring-fed streams in the region. One hour travel on a well maintained dirt road. Parking is marked off but can be muddy. Trail is mostly along west slope moderately accessible with […]
This lower section is accessed by a rough four-wheel drive road. Let me repeat, this is a challenging road and high-clearance vehicles are required. Because of the remoteness you will likely never see another angler here. Hiking is required. You have to walk through some private property before reaching the creek, so pass through respectfully then access the […]
Beaver Creek’s headwaters begin at the top of Pikes Peak. The creek cuts its way down to the Arkansas river with most of its water pumped into Brush Hollow Reservoir. Most of the stream travels through a rugged canyon known as Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area. The lower access to the canyon is through Penrose. The lower canyon is carved […]
The section below Skaguay Reservoir is a long, gentle meadow that runs almost 3 miles before it drops into an untamed, un-trailed, harsh canyon that few venture into. This is a popular fishing, hiking, backpacking area so you will see a number of people on the trail, especially on the weekends.   This is an easy-to-get-to […]
Chalk Creek runs through the Chalk Creek valley about ten miles south of Buena Vista and joins the Arkansas River at the town of Nathrop, Colorado. There are many pockets and stretches of fishable water all the way up the heavily wooded canyon. Easily accessible from a paved and dirt road. Mostly easy hiking on […]
Clear Creek is another one of the high mountain creeks that is full of small Brook Trout. The brookies are very willing to take most dry flies when presented with stealth. Counting the North Fork, there are over 15 miles of creek to fish.   The road above Winfield is rougher, making access a bit more difficult.

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    The insane amount of developed and well-maintained trail systems in the Pikes Peak region is hard to grasp. No matter if you’re a mountain biker looking to get technical at Palmer Park, a hiker enjoying the astonishing red rock features at Red Rock Open Space, or a Dirt Biker ripping up Captain Jacks trail to the top of High Drive, our area has something for everyone. Click on the appropriate activity below to get a map and an extensive list of trails that permit to that activity.

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