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CityROCK Climbing Center

CityROCK Climbing Center located in downtown Colorado Springs is a great place to learn to climb, hone your skills, and chase your personal climbing goals. We offer everything from beginner to advanced adult lessons, auto-belays, top rope and lead climbing, bouldering, competitions, programs for children, a full fitness center, yoga, and more.

CityROCK offers sport climbing, which requires a rope to catch and lower the climber. Sport climbing includes auto-belaying, top roping, and lead climbing for those with more experience. Top rope and lead climbers must pass our belay and lead certification tests.

Bouldering is ropeless climbing up to 14 feet above thick padded floors. Our bouldering area offers everything from overhung to vertical to slab terrain.

Unique to CityROCK is our complex indoor caving system. The Cave allows visitors to crawl through artificial cave passages to learn about caving.  Cavers encounter artificial formations, artifacts, and cave life. Cave sensors provide cavers with feedback. If a caver bumps into a stalactite, or gets too close to a cave painting, an electronic sensor beeps, LEDs light up around the object, and a recorded voice tells the user to be more careful next time, teaching cavers about cave conservation. When the caver leaves the cave, he or she can review their score on the Cave Computer, seeing how good they are at leaving minimal impact on precious cave features. See who can go through the cave the fastest without setting off any sensors!

Our CLIMBarium offers an area for children ages 6 and under. Children can crawl through a tunnel, go down the slide, zip across the mini zipline, and climb all over the place!

Before you get started

Before you get started, fill out our online waiver at http://climbcityrock.com/. All participants need a waiver. Children under the age of 18 need a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.

When you show up, expect to spend 15-20 minutes getting ready to climb. If you’re new to climbing, we’ll set you up with gear. All first time visitors to CityROCK are required to watch an orientation video and check out on our auto-belays. For those with more experience, we are happy to perform top rope or lead climbing tests to get you climbing.

Bring your friends, family, or come alone. You don’t need to be a member to enjoy our facility for the day, but if you know you want to climb regularly, we offer a 10 punch pass and monthly or yearly memberships for you or the whole family.

Get started

Wear comfortable clothing that can move with you as you climb, and that feels comfortable underneath a harness. It’s okay to wear your own closed-toed shoes instead of our climbing shoes, however, climbing shoes have sticky rubber and stiff soles. The rubber and soles allow climbers to have better friction while climbing, which gives you added confidence to stand on smaller climbing holds. We have harnesses and climbing shoes to rent. You will need a harness to climb on our 43-foot walls.

You’re welcome to stay as long as you’d like, or as long as your forearms will allow. Come and go throughout the day, take a yoga class (included in the price of a day pass), run on our treadmills, lift weights, do it all!

Our friendly staff is available to help you enjoy the facility and be self-sufficient. Ask us any questions you have, there are no silly questions! Learning to climb can be intimidating, and we want to make your climbing experience fun and positive!

Learn More

If you’ve climbed before and are looking to improve your skills, we offer Intro to Top Rope, Intro to Bouldering, Top Rope Belay Lessons, Intro to Lead Climbing, Movement, and Private Lessons.

For experienced climbers looking for a training facility, we have 2 systems walls, a MoonBoard, several hang boards, and a training area designed to help you get to the next level.

For children, we have monthly climbing programs that meet once or twice a week for children ages 6 and up: Pebbles, Boulders, Club, and Team CityROCK (our competitive youth team). Programs include a monthly membership, and are great for after school, or as a fun summer activity.

We offer seasonal Indoor Camps over Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Camps are a good fit for children ages 6 and up.

Need a unique birthday party idea for your child? CityROCK offers birthday parties facilitated and orchestrated by our staff.

To learn more, check out our website and YouTube channel, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram: www.climbcityrock.com

Featured Places

After climbing, stop by The Ute & Yeti, our in-house restaurant and craft beverage bar specializing in healthy, delicious food with many vegan options. We offer everything from protein shakes to kombucha, craft beer, flatbread pizza, salads, and the infamous Honnold bowl. The Ute & Yeti is a great place to replenish your climbing muscles.

To take your indoor climbing skills outdoors, check out our community partner Pike’s Peak Alpine School: pikespeakalpineschool.com.  They offer courses in rock climbing, ice climbing, and other outdoor sports.

Ready to take the next step and purchase your own climbing gear? Head on over to our community partner Mountain Chalet: mtnchalet.com.  Their knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you find the right set-up for all your climbing pursuits.